Environmental Performance/Size
From its inception, the Echelon was designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions in harsh and mobile environments.
IP 67 Environmental rating protects against dust and water
Echelon modules are gasket sealed to guard against exposure to dust and water. IP 67 rated front panel connectors can be further protected by water resistant covers when not is use
Shock protection up to 100g on 3 axes
Design features internally low mass components and small cards to withstand up to 100g shock
-40 °to +85 °C operating temperature
Design features low power/low heat architecture, specifically selected industrial temperature grade components and thermal mitigation techniques to provide performance even in the harshest temperature conditions
Low power architecture
Echelon capitalizes on advancements in mobile computing technology to provide maximum performance with minimal power use
Small physical size
Offering best in class laboratory grade performance in a small physical package (minimum 5.63" L, 4.94" W, 4.35" H)
Mounting Options
Echelon offers a variety of mounting holes and accessories enabling secure physical attachment in any orientation
Up to 1 MS/s per Channel Streaming (all Channels)
A Data Acquisition system is only as good as its input capabilities. Echelon allows data to be captured and analyzed from a number of different sources. The full featured Echelon offers the choice of input capabilities offering high speed streaming of both time and frequency domain data.

  Regardless of channel count

  16- &24-bit ADCs available

  Removable media (SSD or CFAST) for save fast data retrieval

Integrated Signal Conditioning Supports Most Sensor Types
A Data Acquisition system is only as good as its ability to measure real world signals. The Echelon series supports virtually any sensor type.
Low Power Architecture (Best-in-Class Performance Independent of a PC)
Echelon's low power architecture is designed to be powered in a variety of ways.
10-20 W power consumption
excluding sensor excitation
Power over Ethernet
can remotely power or recharge batteries
Optional battery modules
support 8 or 16 hours of continuous acquisition. On-board battery backup provides a short interval of running time to exchange battery packs
Start recording upon key on ignition,
wired or wireless ethernet, or wired remote

  Front panel indicators provide battery and charge status

  External DC input supports 9-36 V DC. External AC/DC adapter supports 90-260 V AC

  Built-in UPS protects against momentary power dips or vehicle starting loss

Echelink ™Interface
The Hi-Techniques Echelink interface provides remote control, power, and system synchronization using a single Ethernet interconnect cable, increasing configuration flexibility and dramatically reducing setup complexity and weight versus competitive mobile DAQ systems.
Full system control and display of data in real-time with local data storage. Acquired data can be transmitted from local storage media post-acquisition.
Time Synchronization
Time synchronization between Echelon units using IEEE 1588 precision time protocol. A synchronization pulse is transmitted to all remote systems. The timestamp is corrected for propagation delay in cabling providing absolute time synchronization to 1 microsecond accuracy. System start/stop is coordinated between multiple Echelon systems allowing time synchronous acquisition.
Power over Ethernet
Power over Ethernet can operate a remote Echelon system or be used to "trickle" recharge a remote battery operated system.
Distributed Processing
Each Echelon Processor and Control module supports up to 4 input modules. The distributed architecture ensures full-speed streaming and real-time analysis regardless of channel count. Systems and modules can be easily re-configured instantly in a variety of different ways.
A single Echelon system can be configured as small as one input module and processor module or as large as 4 input modules and a battery. A single Processor module supports up to 64 channels at 100 kS/s per channel or up to 16 channels at up to 1 MS/s per channel.
Distribute and synchronize multiple systems up to 100 meters using a single lightweight Ethernet cable, which allows Echelon to be positioned near the measurement source for the best noise performance. A single GPS or IRIG time input can be installed in the master system to allow synchronization to Absolute time.
Increase stability and portability by quickly mounting multiple systems together. The dovetail endcap design of the Echelon supports system mounting in just seconds. Mount or link an unlimited number or systems as the distributed processor architecture allows for synchronization regardless of channel count.
Synchronize Data from Different Sources
In addition to analog input modules which support virtually every sensor type, Echelon allows data capture and analysis from a variety of different data sources.
Each Echelon Processor Module offers 4 32-bit Quadrature Encoders for position and frequency measurements as well as 20 Digital I/Os .
Optional GPS/IRIG on the Processor Module allows all data to be time synchronized even between widely separated systems. GPS position is also provided with 20 Hz fast update rate.
Quad CAN Inputs on the Processor Module enables direct comparison of digital vehicle data to analog input for the ultimate in flexibility.
High Speed Video can be played back in synchronization with IRIG or GPS-locked Echelon data by Aspire ™software.
Real-Time Display, Control and Setup from PC or Mobile Device
The reason for using any Data Acquisition system is to get meaningful results as quickly as possible. For many competitive Data Acquisition systems, the software is the weakest link. The Echelon series offers a variety of dedicated software to help you get the most from your investment.
Full featured Aspire ™Analysis and Visualization Software
The proven, full featured Hi-Techniques Aspireā„¢ software provides real-time control, display and analysis from a remote PC. The software additionally enables interoperation with Hi-Techniques Synergy range of products. View real-time streaming, scope and spectral data. Combine and view analog sensor data with GPS time and position, CANbus vehicle data and streaming video all from a single easy-to-use software package.

  Choose from over 100 built-in math functions including arithmetic, statistics, trig, calculus and timing functions

  Optional macro editor enables full custom display and analysis using the open source Python programming language

  Export to most popular third-party analysis packages for even greater flexibility

LiveCalc ™Real-time DSP based Analysis, Filtering and Triggering
Capitalizing in advancements in mobile computing and communications, every Echelon system features a low power DSP right in the data stream enabling software selectable filtering, data reduction and cross channel calculations on-the-fly.

  Digital Filtering - Echelon offers software selectable time and frequency domain filtering with selectable frequency characteristics making it the perfect choice for both time and frequency domain applications

  Data Reduction - including real-time triggering, burst collection, rainflow, mean, rms, max, min and limit comparison
E-Connect ™Setup and Display Software
Developed especially for the Echelon series of Data Acquisition systems, E-Connect software allows 802.11 WiFi control from almost any mobile PC or communications device.

Use your mobile phone or tablet PC to change channel settings, view battery and memory status or even view channel waveform data on-the-fly.