Powerful enough for the Lab
Rugged enough for the Field
The Hi-Techniques Echelon series of Data Acquisition Systems combines lab quality input amplifiers and signal conditioning with unparalleled connectivity in a rugged, portable package. Why be forced to compromise performance just to get a ruggedized data acquisition system? Echelon offers unrivaled capability.
IP67 100g Shock Protection Op Temp: +85C to -40C Ignition Start Low Power Input 80Wh 24 Bit ADC

What makes Echelon different?

Extreme Environmental Performance including IP 67 rated protection against water and dust, shock rating to 100g on 3 axes and -40° to +85° C operating temperature. Sealed connectors, gasketed module interconnects, solid state storage media and low mass, industrial temperature rated components ensure performance in even the harshest conditions.
Chained Echelons
Distributed processing ensures streaming and process capabilities, regardless of channel count. Each Echelon processor module supports streaming and processing of up to 4 input modules (up to 16 high speed channels or up to 128 low speed channels plus 64 low speed isolated thermocouple channels AND hundreds of CAN and Digital channels per processor module). Need more channels? Simply add another processor module and add additional input modules. Start/stop and synchronized, high speed data collection and real-time processing are managed internally.
Universal Signal Conditioning
Integrated Universal signal conditioning offers software selectable conditioning for virtually any sensor type including strain gages, accelerometers, thermocouples, load cells, and pressure transducers on a per channel basis for maximum configuration flexibility. Need to mix and match sensor types in any configuration? No problem with the Echelon.

Input Modules
Up to 1 MS/s per channel streaming to removable media, regardless of channel count, offers orders of magnitude improvement over the competition. Streaming data can be stored directly to up to 256 GB removable ruggedized SSD drives. Stored data can be offloaded in a PC readable format via integrated USB or Ethernet or by simply removing ruggedized media and transferring to an external PC receiver.
Real-Time Analysis
Real-time display, control, and setup from any PC or mobile device using Hi-Techniques E-Connect or Aspire software. Whether it be on-the-fly analysis or data reduction, real-time spectral analysis or selectable filtering, Hi-Techniques has a software for every need.
Cascade Display
Combine and synchronize data from a variety of different data sources including sensor and analog inputs, CAN and vehicle bus data, IRIG/GPS time and position, video, rotational as well as digital I/O and frequency inputs.

Power Features
Low power architecture capitalizes on recent advancements in mobile computing and mobile communications to provide best in class performance in a low power architecture that operates independently of a PC. System power is less than 20 W for most configurations, excluding sensor excitation. System supports 9-36 V DC input, power over Ethernet and optional 80 Wh battery packs. External 120/240 V adapter included.
Echelink Interface
Hi-Techniques' unique Echelink™ interface provides system connection, remote power and multi-system time synchronization using a single Ethernet interconnect cable. Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides power from a remote system or a trickle charge to optional battery pack. Echelink™ utilizes IEEE 1588 protocol to synchronize data collection from multiple systems to <1 µs accuracy. Start/stop all systems with the single press of a button. Remote systems can be positioned near the measurement point increasing noise performance and reducing cabling time and cost.