A Range of Inputs to Support Most Applications

Mix and match input modules for even greater flexibility. Up to 4 modules can be installed in the Synergy portable, 8 modules in the Synergy 8 and 16 modules in the Synergy Rack system.

Synergy Input Modules use only SAR type ADCs to provide superior quality in both time and frequency domains (Read More).
Universal Signal Conditioning Module supports most signal types and can be configured channel by channel offering the ultimate in capability. No more purchasing and storage of additional modules and expensive signal conditioners.

Optional Signal Conditioning Breakout Interface simplifies wiring, enables ability to add external bridge completions resistors as well as providing cold junction compensation and blade type thermocouple connectors.

Sample Rates: High speed per channel acquisition rates to 2 MS/s.
DC Bridge: Connect your strain gages, load cells, force, pressure, torque and piezo-resistive sensors with support for ¼, ½ and full bridge. Autobalance, Shunt Cal and Auto Cal functions are provided at a touch.
ICP® type accel: Constant-current excitation for your accelerometers, microphones and force transducers. Charge-mode sensors are also supported with small in-line charge converters.
Thermocouple: Direct inputs for your thermocouples, with cold junction compensation and real-time linearization.
Voltage inputs: Great versatility with wide input spans from 20 mV to 20 V direct, up to 40 KV with scope probes. All channels are differential to prevent ground loop and EMI problems.
Sensor power: DC Excitation sources of 1 to 10 V provide flexibility to power bridges, MEMS sensors, DC-LVDT's, transmitters, current loops and other circuitry.
Basic Input Module offers up to 2 MS/s acquisition speeds and direct to disk recording at up to 1 MS/s. High impedance, differential front end supports voltage range from 20 mV to 20 V and direct connection to most oscilloscope probes and connection devices via BNC inputs.

Enhanced Universal Input Module intended for applications requiring long sensor leads, the EUI module adds individual bipolar channel excitation, remote sense lines, additional RF filtering and input protection to the standard Universal Input Module.

Medium Voltage Input Module provides a cost effective isolation solution for general purpose voltage applications offering ±50 mV to ±200 V range on isolated BNC Connectors.

High Voltage Input Module offers up to ±1000 V input range and 2000 V peak ch-ch isolation for high voltage and high power applications. Wide input range from ±50 mV allow direct simultaneous connection to high voltage signals and current shunts via the 4mm safety banana jack connectors.

High Density 16-Channel Input Module provides 16-bit, 100 kS/s independent ADCs with full differential inputs and thermocouple support via a high density 78-pin connector. Combine multiple modules for up to 64 channels in a portable chassis or 256 channels in the larger Synergy CS chassis.

High Speed Input Module provides four channels of 100 MS/s per channel with 16-bit digitizing. Differential, high impedance, 25 MHz amplifiers support voltage from ±50 mV to ±10 V full scale.

Isolated Thermocouple Module provides 16 channels of isolated thermocouple inputs of type J, K, or T.

USB Thermocouple Module provides 8 channels of support for thermocouple types J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B, as well as RTD. Up to 4 modules can be connected to a Synergy mainframe at 1 S/s sample rate.


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