Aspire Software
The full featured Aspire software provides realtime setup, display and analysis from any remote PC or tablet. Combine and view analog data, vehicle bus data, GPS mapping and realtime calculations in a single, easy to use workspace. Aspire contains powerful built-in data analysis tools and also exports data to most popular third party analysis software packages.

  Time and Frequency Domain Displays

  Fully Cuztomizable Trace Windows

  Video and GPS Mapping

  Fatigue Displays including Rainflow and Peak Valley

  Statistical such as Time at Level

  Analog, Digital and Vehicle Bus data visualization

LiveCalc™ Real-Time DSP and Post Process Analysis

Aspire Post Analysis
All Synergy and Echelon systems include a DSP in the data stream to provide virtual Math Channels, intelligent triggering and selectable digital filtering in real-time during recording. Not only can you record traces of True-RMS and Frequency of every channel, you can set a Trigger or Alarm output if any reading goes too high or too low, all with no need for cumbersome external dongles or expensive signal conditioners.

Hundreds of additional calculations are available in our offline suite of analysis functions. Quickly process functions such as FFT, PSD, Area, ect. all without leaving the Aspire software package.

Spreadsheet Setup

Spreadsheet Setup
In addition to the setup Wizard which guides the user through sensor setup options, Aspire features an intuitive spreadsheet setup that allows for quick and easy setup of a single channel or even hundreds of channels. Quickly configure similar sensors using the drag select function.

·  Excel like controls for intuitive look and feel

·  Add new sensors quickly using the setup wizard or by selecting from the integrated sensor database.

·  Export and Import from Excel for offline setup

Sensor Database

Sensor Database
The powerful Sensor Database provides an easy way to maintain and edit Sensor information including calibration data.

·  Supports all sensor types

·  Maintains calibration information and monitors calibration intervals

·  Easily synchronizes with virtually all corporate sensor databases

·  Simplifies software setup by maintaining individual sensor setup and calibration information

·  Easily search through entire database

·  Drag and drop sensors into the channel setup to easily configure that channel

Full Custom Analysis

Full Macro Editor
For even more demanding applications, Aspire™ includes a full macro editor based on the open-source Python language. In addition to full control of Aspire™ setup, acquisition and analysis functions, Python can communicate with any other Windows applications and hardware. For example, the results of a specialized and complex calculation may be sent directly to an Excel spreadsheet, a NotePad log file, or even an analog output. Up to five user programs can be attached to buttons in the Aspire™ control panel for instant keystroke access.