The Hi-Techniques Synergy series of Data Acquisition Systems integrates superior transient and streaming capability with optimized time and frequency domain performance. Add in universal signal conditioning, real-time math and you'll see why Synergy is the ultimate Data Acquisition System for all of your mechanical, electrical, acoustic, shock and vibration measurements.

Synergy P

The Synergy P mainframe supports up to 4 input modules capable of up to 64 channels in a portable, self-contained chassis.

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Synergy CS

The Synergy CS mainframe further extends the available channel count supporting up to 16 input modules in a benchtop or rackmount configuration.

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Synergy 8

The Synergy 8 supports up to eight input modules in a compact, card modular form factor capable of 32 high-speed channels or 128 using the 16-channel high density module.

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Synergy's fully extensible architecture ensures data acquisition, streaming and data analysis capabilities regardless of channel count. All input modules are compatible with all mainframes. Mix and match modules and mainframes in any configuration. Multiple units can be combined to create even higher simultaneous channel counts. Included software supports all Synergy mainframes and acquisition cards and allows realtime control, display and analysis from any PC on the network.

Synergy is a...

Transient Recorder
Enabling precision capture and analysis, Synergy features individual 16-bit digitizers per channel. Bandwidth up to 25 MHz enables collection of the fastest power transients, engine combustion cycles, pyroshock, ballistics and material test events. Up to 128 MS of transient RAM captures the longest event or thousands of shorter segments.
Data Acquisition System
Featuring high resolution data capture, high speed direct-to-disk long duration recording and signal conditioning for most popular signal types.
Data Recorder
Offering high speed, scrolling strip chart display, voice and trace annotation and integrated signal conditioning. Store and review literally months of data even at high acquisition rates.
Multi-Channel DSO
Featuring multi-channel independent 16-bit digitizing up to 100 MS/s, fast updated YT and XY scope displays and a wide variety of real-time parameter measurements as well as waveform calculations.
Real-Time FFT Analyzer
Including waterfall displays, octave and narrowband analysis, windowing and order analysis. Direct control from ME'scope® modal analysis software enabling setup and analysis for structural testing applications.